Our Campaigns

We won’t stop fighting to make Cameroon a best place to grow up in and a best place to grow old in.
Find out what we’re working on and how you can get involved.

Fighting poverty
and social exclusion

Improving healthcare and access to healthcare for all

Promoting gender equality and women’s rights

Combating unemployment and job insecurity

Investing in education and vocational training

Improving working conditions and workers’ rights

Power to the People

Key Proposals

The main reform proposals we share with you, which we will implement without delay as soon as we have secured the presidential vote with you.


Organize a national debate on the current economic crisis


Provide drinking water and electricity to all rural areas.


Make the tax system simpler and fairer for all.


Create an Independent National Electoral Commission, which will organize, supervise and proclaim all elections.


Guarantee the neutrality and apolitical nature of the armed forces.


Make cities more developed by improving urbanization.


Make education free and compulsory at nursery and primary level.


Protect the environment and create a healthy living environment.


Distribute resources equitably for the common good.


Create a national bank and support initiatives in the banking sector.


Parliament will control a court of auditors created by the SDF.


Support a free and ethical press, protect freedom of expression, and promote cultural diversity.

“I want to make things happen for my country.
This is truly for the love of Cameroon. I am happy
to be able to contribute to the drafting of SDF bills.”