Ni John Fru Ndi Forever
1941 - 2023

Forever in our hearts

Rest In Peace.


I am a servant of the nation

I dream of a fair and prosperous Cameroon, which gives the chance to all its children. This dream led me to politics. it led me to you.




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Key measures

The Social Democratic Front’s mission is to put in place a number of measures that contribute to a single objective : a better and brighter Cameroon.

Minimum salary

The increase of the SMIC to XAF 160,000 in five years in order to guarantee a certain purchasing power of employees paid at the minimum wage

Land deeds

Each Cameroonian familly has its own land title! This redistribution policy guarantees the population land in their localities of origin or elsewhere.

Free university tuition

For a better education on rate, schooling will be free and compulsory up to the first cycle. Moreover, schooling at the state universities and colleges will be cancelled.

Double wage

The doubling of officials salaries will improve the stage of mind in their work and improve the relationship between the people and the public service.

Health insurance

Guarantee a minimum level of care by introducing health coverage of XAF 500.000 per household with an individual premium for each person.

Establish federalism

Establish federal state and adapt state laws and decisions to the different realities of each region. This is to facilitate the management of the population.

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