The Powers and Functions

The Standing Committees are vested with the authority to conduct detailed assessments, formulate policy suggestions, and oversee the execution of decisions within their designated areas of expertise.

Committee Bureau Structure

The Bureau of every Standing Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, a vice Chairperson and a Secretary designated by the Chairperson of the committee, after due consultation.

Chairperson Appointment Criteria

The Chairpersons and vice Chairpersons of the Standing Committees shall be appointed by the National Chairperson of the Party, after due consultation, on the basis of their knowledge and experience in the respective domains of activity.

Committee Meeting Frequency

The Standing Committees shall meet as often as the business of the various committees requires; provided that every committee shall meet at heats once every three months.

Meeting Convening Protocol

The meetings of the Standing Committees shall be convened and presided over by their respective Chairpersons and in their absence by the vice Chairpersons in order of seniority.

Shadow Government Formation

The Chairpersons of the Standing Committees and their deputies shall constitute the “government-in-waiting” of the Party and shall be referred to as the “Shadow Government”.

Shadow Government Meetings

The meetings of the Shadow Government shall be convened and presided over by the National Chairperson of the Party, or by one of the Vice National Chairpersons as shall be by the National Chairperson.

Shadow Government Schedule

Meetings of the Shadow Government shall be held as often as the circumstances require; provided that the Shadow Government shall meet not later than one week to every National Executive Committee meeting to consider reports to be presented to the National Executive Committee.

Departmental Setup Procedure

In consultation with the National Chairperson, the Committees shall! Set up the various departments as required by their sphere of activity and department heads appointed and resource persons recruited thereto by the respective Chairpersons;

Internal Rules Preparation

The Chairpersons Committee shall prepare other internal rules and regulations, where necessary, and table them to the National Executive Committee for examination and adoption;

The Party's standing committees

The Party’s standing committees and their areas of activity are as follows:

Agriculture and Rural Development

  • Agricultural development, technology and equipment;
  • Fishery;
  • Forest Resource development;
  • Animal health and industries including hides and skins;
  • Marketing;
  • Environmental Policy, Environmental legislation and Environmental rights;
  • Education with regards to the protection of the Environment;
  • International environmental treaties and agreements;
  • National Environment Commission;
  • Research and Development including extension services.

Defence and National Security

  • Armed Forces including the Gendarmerie;
  •  Police;
  • National Council for Defense and Security.

Economy, Finance and Commerce

  • Economic policy and planning;
  • Financial and fiscal policy;
  • Banking and Insurance;
  • Internal and external trade;
  • Taxation;
  • Customs and excise;
  • National Budget and planning Commission etc, etc.

Education and Training

  • Primary and Secondary Education and Training;
  • Tertiary Education and Training;
  • Technical and Vocational Education and Training;
  • Higher Education.

Foreign Affairs

  • Foreign policy;
  • Foreign relations;
  • International treaties and agreements;
  • Inter governmental organizations;
  • Internationalal NGOs etc.

Gender Issues

  • Women empowerment;
  • Gender rights and participation in development;
  • Gender conflicts;
  • The underprivileged, the marginalized and the deprived.


  • Medical and Health research;
  • Medical services and delivery systems;
  • Medical and Health insurance;
  • National Medical Council etc, etc

Information and Media

  • Print and audiovisual media policy and administration;
  • National audiovisual and Media Commission. 

Industrial Development

  • Industrial policy;
  • Industrial development;
  • Trade policies;
  • Export promotion.

Internal Affairs

  • Citizenship and Nationality;
  • Councils and Local Government;
  • Devolution;
  • Regional government;
  • Non-governmental organization, including religious bodies;
  • National Commission for Territorial Organisation;
  • Audit;
  • National Public Service Commission;
  • National Commission on the place and role of religion in our society;
  • National Ethics Commission;
  • National Census Commission;
  • National Elections Commission;
  • Relations with national and regional Parliaments as well as the Senate;
  • Good governance.

Legal and Judicial Affairs

  • Legislation;
  • Judicial Affairs;
  • National Human Rights, Freedoms and Petitions Commission;
  • Development of national law;
  • International legal arrangements and relations;
  • The Ombudsman;
  • Judicial Service Commission;
  • Reformatory and productive penitentiary institutions;
  • Conflit résolution.

Post and Telecommunications

  • Postal system;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Research and development.

Science, Technology and Development

  • Scientific research and training;
  •  Local Technology development;
  • National Commission for Science and Technology.

Social Affairs, Sports and Youth Development

  • Labour policy;
  • Social and health insurance policy development;
  • Sports;
  • National Sports Commission and self-supporting Sports Federations.

Tourism and Culture

  • Tourism development;
  • Tourism marketing;
  • Culture development.

Public Works and Transport

  • Infrastructure, development and maintenance management policy;
  • Equipment pool and Maintenance policy.

Mining, Water And Energy

  • Mineral exploitation and development;
  • Petroleum exploration and development;
  • Water resources development;
  • Energy resources, exploitation and development including new and renewable energy

Urban Development and Housing

  • Urban development and housing policy;
  • Town planning and urbanisation;
  • Housing and related building material development.