How can I join ?

All over Cameroon, committed citizens have chosen the Social Democratic Front to make their voices heard and to build together a country that benefits all, not just the few.

I’m one of them.

Who are we ?

The Social Democratic Front (SDF) is Cameroon’s leading opposition political party, born of popular will and founded on democracy, solidarity and dignity. We are a movement of hundreds of thousands of citizens fighting to elect a government that realizes these common aspirations. Social justice, equal opportunity, the redistribution of wealth and federalism are what we believe in, what we stand for.

How can I take part in change ?

By joining the SDF, you become part of a grassroots movement of over 200,000 people, committed to a fairer and more democratic country. A political family when you can also have your say on our political project.

We provide you with all the tools and resources you need to get involved in actions, campaigns and meetings, and to get to know other like-minded members. And if you wish one day, you can even stand as a candidate under the SDF banner.

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“I joined SDF because I have two young children
and I want to make the future a brighter one for them
and all the young cameroonians.”