what we build on

The Social Democratic Front advocates values essential to the emancipation of peoples.
Social dialogue, trade unionism, redistribution of wealth and respect for diversity.
Our guiding principles are social democracy, state reform, social justice and equal opportunity.

It fights for people’s well-being and human rights.

Social democracy

Social democracy is a political system in which the people participate in public life and in the distribution of wealth while respecting the market.

Form of State

The SDF proposes a federalism for Cameroon that respects the country's cultural and linguistic diversity and guarantees freedoms and human rights.

Social Justice

Social justice is the principle that all human beings are entitled to equal treatment and dignity, without discrimination or exclusion.

Equal Opportunities

It implies that not only everyone has the right to access any social position or good, but that everyone is also guaranteed the same chances at the start.

The SDF wants change and hope for the whole country.

Thank you for supporting our cause.




“As the leader of a political movement
defending socialist ideologies and individual
freedoms, I decided to join the opposition
platform of the SDF for more impact.”